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YaYa’s Performance Academy is a youth and family based program that provides the community with the opportunity to explore the art of musical theatre in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. 


With the growing economic crisis our state faces, cuts to education have been catastrophic; arts programs have been drastically cut back, if not completely eliminated.  Our goal is to keep the performing arts alive in our community. We plan to do this by producing professional quality productions and training participants in singing, acting, and dancing, while at the same time building strong family and community relationships.  




Unlike most community theatre programs where you must audition to be in the show, YaYa’s guarantees a role in the production to all who enroll and complete the instruction; thus, providing the opportunity to all who are interested.  


We celebrate diversity and welcome participants of all backgrounds, abilities and levels of experience.  We believe theatre is a way to bond families and unite our diverse community in a collaborative art form.


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