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When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are every Saturday for the ensemble.  Leads will rehearse Mondays and Wednesdays 7-9:30 pm,  occasional Sundays 1-5 pm in addition to the Saturday ensemble rehearsals.  Not all characters will be called to all rehearsals.  A detailed rehearsal schedule will go out at the first rehearsal. 


Frequently asked questions...




How do I enroll?

You may enroll online in which you may fill out registration and emergency contact information and pay using a credit or debit card.  If you would rather make a payment in person you must still fill out the information online and then bring payment of cash or check to the first rehearsal.  


How do I know what part I am in the show?

On the second Saturday (1st Saturday for summer productions) rehearsal we will audition the age groups to determine what ensemble group each performer will be assigned to.  After lead auditions later that week, a master cast list will be posted on the website and emailed to the cast.  This will list leads character assignments as well as ensemble rehearsal group  assignments.  


How do lead auditions work?

Lead auditions are Sunday of the second weekend (1st weekend for summer productions) of rehearsals.  All who wish to audition for a lead may do so by showing up at the specified audition time.  A detailed schedule outlining lead auditions will be passed out at the first rehearsal.  If cast as a lead, participants will be notified via email as well as a post on the website.  Leads will pay a $50 fee for the additional instruction time.  


What are the fee's involved with the program?

Tuition fee: 

  • $250 Regular enrollment 

  • $150 College Student price

  • Family Discount (10% for immediate family members):

    • 2 family members= $450 (you save $50)

    • 3 family members= $675 (you save $75)

    • 4 family members= $900 (you save $100)

  • Payment plans:

    • Regular enrollment: 3 payments of $83, $83 & $84 

    • College enrollment: 3 payments of $50 each

    • First payment due at time of enrollment


Tuition fees include script, show shirt, rehearsal tracks, and 3 months of instruction in singing, dancing and acting.


Lead fee:            

  • $50 for principle lead, $30 for featured lead, and $100 for a flying lead role.  (All who choose to audition and are cast as leads will be charged a lead fee for the additional instruction time)



  • $25 of program ad space sales.  Each cast member is required to sell a minimum of $25 worth of program ad space to help offset the cost of putting on the production.  



  • All cast members are responsible for their own costume.  We will provide specific requirements as well as examples and cost effective suggestions. On the occasion that something needs to be uniform across the cast, we will bulk purchase the item and charge you a minimal fee. 


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